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17th October 2024 Business Design Centre, London



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14 Aug 2023

Session announcement: Why are we getting older and why does it matter?

Session announcement: Why are we getting older and why does it matter?

Join this session at Healthcare Summit 2023 with George Appleton, Care England’s Head of Policy, to find out what the implications of an ageing population are for the adult social care sector.

The population is ageing, with Census 2021 results demonstrating that England and Wales have more people than ever before in older age groups. 18.6% of the population were found to be 65 years or older, compared to 16.4% ten years earlier in 2011, and the average (median) age rose from 39 in 2011 to 40 in 2021.

One of the challenges that comes with an ageing population is the strain that it puts on social care services. Understanding these demographic trends, and what it all means for the future of care, is crucial for anyone involved in the sector moving forward.

Join Why are we getting older and why does it matter? to:

  • Find out why the UK’s population is getting older, with a particular focus on the demographic trends within the UK.
  • Explore demographic and epidemiological transitions within the UK and what this means for the future of adult social care.
  • Examine the challenges that an ageing population presents for the social care system.
  • Discover tangible solutions to navigating some of the current and future pressures.

About the speaker

George Appleton is Head of Policy at Care England, the representative body for the adult social care sector in England. His work is predominantly about ensuring that the voice of the independent sector is heard in the development of social care policy.

With a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Ageing, George has particular experience in the demographic and epidemiological changes which have informed the policy landscape today. He is keen to ensure that the adult social care sector is well-equipped to manage these transitions against a turbulent political and socioeconomic backdrop.

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